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Welcome to NATES !

We manufacture to meet the demands and deliver to satisfy customers from several and various industry segments - as per their need, want and requirement. Vacuum Forming is the manufacturing process applied and the material used in virgin HIPS, PVC, PP, HDPE, ABS and PET. The quality is compliant to industry standards and the delivery schedule is immaculate. We call it meticulously devised and sincerely delivered !

We make blisters and profiles as per client end requirements for plastic packaging and disposable items. Popular Customers and Buyers of NATES vacuum formed plastic packaging and disposable items are :

  1. Electronics & Communication Industry : clamshell, retail and bulk packing boxes
  2. Agriculture / Horticulture : seedling / pro tray
  3. Pharmaceutical Industry : ampoule tray , combi pack, tablet / capsule strips
  4. Gifts; Games / Toys & Novelties Manufacturers : gift packs, holders / trays / boxes
  5. Food & Beverages Industry : plates, bowls, cutlery, cake box / biscuit trays
  6. Whole-sellers of NATES Ke Plates™ : plates of various sizes
  7. Chains of Restaurants & Fast Food Joints : sandwich box, ice cream cup, chutney cup

Our Manufactured Products