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  • “ Since 1999 - Scores of Chartered Engineer Certificates and Valuation Reports done as per need of financial institutions, customs & excise, high courts and other compliance agencies ”

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Chartered Engineer Certificate

Corp Scan specializes in Chartered Engineer (CE) Certification services to exporters and importers. In order to export used machinery to India, it is a mandatory requirement of the Indian Government to obtain a Chartered Engineer Certificate (CEC). We are authorized by Indian Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to provide CE Certification to exporters and importers. More, we also provide Independent Chartered Engineer (CEC) Certificate required for issuance of EPCG authorization by Department of Central Excise.

Purpose / Objective

CE Certification meets following purpose / objectives :

  • Machine Appraisal & Valuations
  • Independent Design Assessment
  • Technical Audits
  • Expert Witness & Arbitration
  • LIE - Lenders Independent Engineer's Report
  • TEV - Techno Economic Validation Report
  • Asset Componentisation
  • Nexus Certificate
  • Bill of Material Certificate
  • Installation of Capital Goods / Spares
  • Relocation of unit - Plant & Machinery
  • Validation of Manufacturing Capacity
  • We are involved in providing Chartered Engineering Services to our clients. Our professionals work in cohesion with the clients to manage large and small projects within time & budget. As chartered engineers, we use our professional judgment to guide our clients to develop and apply new technologies, introduce more efficient production techniques and in the overall profitable management of their enterprises.

    Certificate Component

    Corp Scan issues CE Certificate for export / import of refurbished machinery that includes

  • Working condition of the equipment
  • Present market value of the equipment
  • Country of origin
  • Year of Manufacture
  • Approximate value in year of manufacture
  • Residual life of the equipment
  • Packing list including spare parts
  • We inspect the equipment and provide the chartered engineer certificate in 24 hours to save client end time and money. This helps to avoid costly delays with customs clearance. We can provide services to virtually any corner of the world with the support of our global network of associates and partner inspection companies.

    CE Certification : Professional Fees
    Rs.  5,550    ::   EPCG Licence
    Rs.  5,000    ::   Installation certificate
    Rs.  4,750    ::   Import into SEZ
    Rs.  4,025    ::   Import of second hand plant & machinery (per container)
    Rs.  4,450    ::   Advance Licence
    Rs.  5,300    ::   Export of defective parts for repair & return
    Rs.  4,725    ::   Pre-shipment inspection
    Rs.  4,450    ::   Certification of DBK 1 statement (duty drawback)
    Rs.  5,750    ::   Certification of investment in plant & machinery for 100% EOU
    Rs. 11,000   ::   Computation of installed capacity
    Rs. 25,000   ::   Componentisation of machinery for IFRS identifiable assets
    Rs.  5,300    ::   Certification of imported machinery for setting up solar power project and Bio mass project
    Rs.  5,750    ::   BIS certification
    Rs.  6,750    ::   Cold chain subsidy certification
    Rs.  5,600    ::   Testing Laboratory equipments certification
    Rs.  5,450    ::   Certification of BOM of Solar Power Developer
    Rs.  3,725    ::   Certification of each excise/customs duty exemption (per PO)
    Rs.  3,300    ::   Tender Certification of PO and completion certificate
    Rs.  9,625    ::   Useful Life certifications

    Note : Incidentals / Out of Pocket Expenses | Conveyance | Travel | Boarding & Lodging Expenses + Govt GST @ 18% additional

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