• “ Since 1999 - over 4 million member respondents on 24 pre-classified online survey panels from   and more than 40 countries ”

  • “ Over one and a half decade experience of catering to marketers by linking to the consumers thru CAWI | CATI | PAPI | F2F | FGD | IDI ”

  • “ An array of Turnkey Projects and Project Feasibility Reports numbering in excess of 350 nos. done for several and various industries since 24 years ”

  • “ Since 1999 - Scores of Chartered Engineer Certificates and Valuation Reports done as per need of financial institutions, customs & excise, high courts and other compliance agencies ”

  • “ Over a million man-hours Training Program and Skill Upgradation Workshops delivered since 24 years : MDP, EOP, CTP, OBT in public and in-house domain ”

  • “ Available are more than 450 training modules and over 800 faculties from 09 country locations ”

  • “ Since 2010 - manufacturing and supplying plastic packaging and disposable items as also meeting demands of engineering goods and hospitality items ”

Online Surveys
Study Specialities
  • Market Research
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Tracking Studies
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Employees Expectation
  • Alumni Surveys
  • Stakeholders Surveys
  • Social Studies
  • Policy Research
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Custom Solutions
  • Demand Study
  • Supply Study
  • Brand Awareness
  • Recall Tests
  • Concept Testing
  • Free Sampling
  • Pre-launch Study
  • Perception Study
  • Post-launch Study
  • Feedback Study
  • Health Care
  • Pricing Study
  • Campaign Efficacy
  • Opinion Polls
  • Bulletin Board Survey
  • Survey Programming
    Survey Tool / Solutions

    Corp Scan offers online survey programming solutions to organizations globally. At CSG both are achievable, i.e. Technology of Business Packs and Affordability of Budget Packs.

    Corp Scan is a custom programming company, where competent professionals work beyond the limitations of the off-the-shelf online survey software that are available in the market. CSG designs and programs client end surveys with all percievable complex logics.

    online surveys programming
    is a proprietary tool of Corp Scan Group. It is an in-house developed software to set up diverse nature survey questionnaire in short time.   Corp Dyna is a ready-to-use dynamic tool — capable of preparing 17 types of Question and Response statements.

    Corp Scan is a one stop solution provider for all technical challenges pertaining to online surveys. CSG has expertise across domains who work together to provide a holistic solution. The deliverables committed are always ensured that they are on schedule deploying the latest and the best of technology. This reduces the burden of company's in-house programming cost and also saves the 'to and fro' time / effort, wasted in getting things right, in the first go!


    Corp Scan online survey programming team has helped organizations with complex research studies including and not limited to following surveys:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Consumer Product
  • Consumer Market
  • Brand Positioning
  • Employee Expectation
  • Public Policy
  • Campaign Efficacy
  • Need Assessment
  • Health Care
  • Media Incidence
  • Clinical Studies
  • Stakeholder
  • Choice / Conjoint
  • Corp Scan provides for programming which generates simultaneous reports during the project duration. Round the clock project monitoring is done and the programmed survey keeps collecting the requsite data from the relevant respondents during the course. The responses could be collected in a matrix or over a likert scale of points or multiple check box or unique radio button responses through applicable text box or textarea or audio video means.

    All online data collection is hosted on CSG's dedicated servers using its proprietary survey engine and reporting software - nick named COSDAT. This software supports a myriad of question types and features including

    1. Advanced Skip Logic
    2. Piping
    3. Randomized Response Choices
    4. Pre-assignments
    1. Variable Inserts
    2. Interactive Maps
    3. 2,000 character Text Boxes
    4. Real-Time Quota Monitoring
    online surveys programming
    Projects Delivered for Brands