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Products Supply

Plotted and Ploughed by two mechanical engineers having more than 60 yrs of professional experience between themselves - New Age Technical and Engineering Services delivers components for the given design / drawings obtained from the organisations willing to outsource its requirements.

As per provided design / drawing ; specifications; bill of material as also the requisite quantity - NATES undertakes such like pursuits as under:

  1. Fabrication & Applied Manufacturing Process
  2. Prototypes, Castings, Moulds & Dies
  3. Bulk production of components; Supply of parts & Sourcing
  4. Stationery Items
    • Registers and Notebooks
    • Writing Pads and slip pads
    • Desk Calendars, Envelopes
    • Writing Instruments and Accessories
  5. Plastic Items
    • Glass, Cups & Saucers
    • Spoons, Forks & Knife
    • Boxes & Containers
    • Round & Meal Plates
    • Pharma Applications & Usages

Materials used: metal (iron, steel, copper, brass, aluminium), rubber, paper, plastic and wood

Industries catered: heavy engineering, process, power, mining, metallurgical, chemical, aviation and hospitality.

We deliver worldwide!

Our services are commissioned by sending us the message through Contact Us section on this page. This is followed by identifying with the requirements at length. Upon receipt of the same we device the production and supply of the sought component / parts; and deliver as per the agreed schedule.

Indicative list of engineering components / parts delivered by us are :

  1. Pipes, Flanges, Couplings, Valves and Pipe fittings
  2. Sheet metal items and Plates
  3. Hoses, Nipples and Clamps
  4. Bush, Gasket and Separators
  5. Screws, Bolts, Nuts and Fasteners
  6. Rings, Hooks and Fitments
  7. Frames, Props and Supports
  8. Tanks and Containers
  9. Racks and Storage Facilities
  10. Gears and Pinion
  11. Belts and Chains

Our components are meticulously devised and sincerely delivered. There is no better way to test that to taste - therefore NATES solicit valuable opportunity to serve you.

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