• “ Since 1999 - over 4 million member respondents on 24 pre-classified online survey panels from   and more than 40 countries ”

  • “ Over one and a half decade experience of catering to marketers by linking to the consumers thru CAWI | CATI | PAPI | F2F | FGD | IDI ”

  • “ An array of Turnkey Projects and Project Feasibility Reports numbering in excess of 350 nos. done for several and various industries since 24 years ”

  • “ Since 1999 - Scores of Chartered Engineer Certificates and Valuation Reports done as per need of financial institutions, customs & excise, high courts and other compliance agencies ”

  • “ Over a million man-hours Training Program and Skill Upgradation Workshops delivered since 24 years : MDP, EOP, CTP, OBT in public and in-house domain ”

  • “ Available are more than 450 training modules and over 800 faculties from 09 country locations ”

  • “ Since 2010 - manufacturing and supplying plastic packaging and disposable items as also meeting demands of engineering goods and hospitality items ”

Business Planning

Corp Scan provides for Business Planning services that facilitate in business related decision making. Corp Scan Group is rich in consultants, tools & techniques to attend and address to such like requirements at the client end.

Reports / Business Plan

CorpScan Group in its business plan includes as under:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Background
  • Products / Services
  • Industry and Competition
  • Market Analysis
  • Operating Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Management and Organization
  • Goals and Strategies
  • Financial Assumptions
  • The business plan / report done by CorpScan Group has various characteristics for profit assurity like defining business, organizing thoughts, beat the competition, achieve set goals, provide leadership, and above all receive funding.

    CorpScan Business Plans Provide For
    • Worksheets
      • Income
      • Expense
    • Cost of
      • Goods Sold
      • Inventory
        1. Variable
        2. Fixed
      • Material
      • Labor
    • Annual
      • Growth Factor
      • Amortization
      • Depreciation
    • Sales by Category
    • Expenses by Category
    • Monthly Projections
      • Income
      • Expense
    • Loan Calculator
    • Asset Accounts
    • Assets Purchase
    • Line of Credit
    • Long Term Loans
    • Ratio Analysis
    • Break Even Anls.
    • Profit & Loss St.
    • Balance Sheets
    • Cash Plans
    • Sales Forecasts
    • Budgets

    The business risks and challenges can also be analyzed based upon the Business Plans done by CorpScan

    Industry Segments Catered

    CorpScan Group since 1999 has done business plans for

    1. Cement Plant
    2. Salt Refinery
    3. Jewelry Making Unit
    4. Embroidery Unit
    5. Brick Plant
    6. Food / Fruit Processing
    7. Steel Plant
    8. Cold Storage
    9. Medical Transcription
    10. Soft Furnishing
    11. Beer Bottling & Trading
    12. Fabrication Unit
    13. Radio Taxi
    14. Education Center
    15. Water Bottling Plant
    16. Pisci-culture Unit
    17. Methanol Blending Unit
    18. Software Development Center
    19. Adventure Sports Facility
    20. Medical Disposables Unit
    21. Herbal Extraction Unit
    22. Detergent & Soap Unit
    23. Concertina Wire Unit
    24. Vacuum Forming Unit

    CorpScan Group has benefited several Small and Medium Scale Enterprises who wanted to

  • start afresh,
  • diversify and
  • augment their capacities
  • At CorpScan Group we have a very systematic approach and involved steps by which first analysis of the business needs is done. The existing data is studied, the required resources are understood and then the method is planned / devised on how to go about to have profit / success / benefit in the envisaged business pursuits.

    This requires making of the problem statement, evolving alternative hypothesis followed by its testing; forecast about probabilities of success and types of possible errors.

    Clients who availed our services have been from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, African nations and Caribbean islands. Their satisfaction and feedback has been encouraging to us in effect.

    No two problems are identical / same; and neither should the solution be identical and same. From the lessons of history and understanding of the present -   we prepare for the future !  

    Projects Delivered for Brands