• “ Since 1999 - over 4 million member respondents on 24 pre-classified online survey panels from   and more than 40 countries ”

  • “ Over one and a half decade experience of catering to marketers by linking to the consumers thru CAWI | CATI | PAPI | F2F | FGD | IDI ”

  • “ An array of Turnkey Projects and Project Feasibility Reports numbering in excess of 350 nos. done for several and various industries since 24 years ”

  • “ Since 1999 - Scores of Chartered Engineer Certificates and Valuation Reports done as per need of financial institutions, customs & excise, high courts and other compliance agencies ”

  • “ Over a million man-hours Training Program and Skill Upgradation Workshops delivered since 24 years : MDP, EOP, CTP, OBT in public and in-house domain ”

  • “ Available are more than 450 training modules and over 800 faculties from 09 country locations ”

  • “ Since 2010 - manufacturing and supplying plastic packaging and disposable items as also meeting demands of engineering goods and hospitality items ”

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Response Rate Calculator

The Response Rate Calculator measures the percentage of qualified or eligible respondents completing the survey.

Completes : Completed interviews.
Refusals and Mid –Terminates : Respondents who end the interview before completion; regardless of qualification.
Not Qualified and Over – Quota : Respondents who do not meet the screening criteria; and those respondents who would have qualified but their quota group was full.
Not Contacted : Applies to all final dispositions that do not fit any other categories. For example, answering machine, wrong number, etc.
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