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Online Surveys Online Survey
Nurtured since 1999 - Corp Scan Group Online Panel of Respondents is the largest is India . They belong to:
  • Consumer Panel
  • B2B Panel
  • C-Panel
  • IT Panel
  • Household Panel
  • Health Care Panel
  • Students / Teen Panel
  • Educators Panel
Corp Scan has competencies towards online survey solutions include performing questionnaire design, programming and survey adminstration. Corp Scan has largest and oldest proprietoy respondents panels for online surveys / online data collection.
Market Research About Us
Corp Scan Group is competent and proficient in undertaking following researches:
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Technology
  • Policy
  • Market Intelligence
  • Health Care
  • Opinion Polls
  • New Product Launch
The said could relate to Demand-Supply study, Expectation-Satisfaction- Efficacy studies ; Impact Assessment as also price-sensitivity studies. Market Research is forte area of Corp Scan - it has a strong team of researchers and analysts in addition to the field force of investigators and supervisors.
Project Management About Us
Corp Scan Group provides services towrads managment of projects.
  • Project Reports
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Process Stabilisation
The projects may relate to IT, Technical, Plant, Engineering, Marketing, Establishing Business, Health Care, Manufacturing, Construction etc.
Training Programs About Us
Training programs and Skill Upgradation workshops are conducted / administered by Corp Scan Group for the following skills:
  • Soft / Behavioral
  • Management
  • Technical
  • Linguistic
Corp Scan Group has over 650 faculties on its panel from 9 countries and more than 300 program / workshop modules.
Costing and Valuation About Us
Corp Scan Group provides for such like services for costing and valuation of plant & machinery. The certificate of Value is needed for import and export of machinery, damage assessment, vetting of project reports, auction / sale etc.
Corporate Consultancy About Us
Corp Scan Group undertakes HR Audits, System Audits that facilitate in lean management & restructuring; business process reengineering & entreprise resource planning; organisational analysis & change management etc..

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